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Focus on customer needs

Our target is to fill your needs of steel material purchases with a way to help you to focus and success in your core business. Our highly developed dealing process is made for smooth and safe dealing without any headache when you are sourcing raw materials for your production.

The process of dealing starts by identifying your needs, including total and monthly quantities, delivery cycles and total amounts requested by you. We can be flexible with deliveries, by varying monthly quantities based on the changes in your seasonal demand.

Safe and trustworthy dealing

Our purchasing process is designed for safe dealing.

We will cover all the details in the contract between us and use the most secure payment methods available for safety your payments; you will always pay after you have inspected, accepted and received delivery at the destination port.

During the dealing process, you are able to check all the documents and certificates needed in your markets and see proof of the security and composition of products. We also allow you to make checking to the inventory before your final decision, so you will know exactly what you are purchasing – before moving forward to signing a binding purchase agreement.

Dealing Process | Saudi Arabian Steel Products Suppliers & Manufacturer


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and getting a competitive price for the steels you need. Our highly responsive team is ready to answer your request and offer the best solution for you.​

Red Gem International FZC - UAE

The safe and reliable purchasing process is a strong basement for good dealing and the long-term relationship between us

  • The Full Corporate Offer (FCO) corresponding your needs and request
  • Reserved inventory for a validity time of the FCO
  • Viewing of official documents, certificates, new pictures, and videos via a secure connection
  • A contract covering all the things negotiated and agreed.
  • Invitation letter and product inspection at sight In Saudi Arabia
  • Full inspections of product and documents during the upload, and after delivering on the destination port
  • Payment after delivery, when all the inspections are done and accepted by you.


+358 40 1750 230


+358 40 1750 230


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+358 40 1750 230

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Used Rails

Recycling of materials is an important part of sustainable production.  We offer tested and certified used rails for manufacturing and construction needs globally.

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