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We are a global supplier of the steel products produced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our product selection covers several types of steel, such as rails, rebar, rolled sheets, and galvanized coils. All the products are produced in the modern factory using the newest technology for the benefit of our customers.

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Our mission is to offer high-quality products with smooth and personalized deliveries based on our customers’ specific needs for supporting our customers to reach the best results in their core businesses.

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Red Gem International FZC - UAE

+358 40 1750 230


+358 40 1750 230


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+358 40 1750 230

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Our purchasing process is designed for safe dealing to enable flexible deliveries covering your needs. No worries or undesirable headaches.

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The satisfaction of our customer is our priority.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and getting a competitive price for the steels you need. Our highly responsive team is ready to answer your request and offer the best solution for you.

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Used Rails

Recycling of materials is an important part of sustainable production.  We offer tested and certified used rails for manufacturing and construction needs globally.

Red Gem International FZC - UAE